I-Kone Oy Environmental policy

I-Kone LTD core business is the manufacture of high-quality machining parts. The logic of the company’s business is the continuous development of a subcontracting service based on professional expertise, contacts, industry knowledge and a sound economy in the direction of component manufacturing and so that it strengthens as a station credit supplier / partner in key customer industries.

I-Kone LTD core competence is based on the following factors:
  • To provide a customer-oriented total service
  • An approach that emphasizes responsibility and the independent work of staff
Objectives of the environmental program

The aim of this environmental policy is to establish guidelines and criteria for policies and practices in all areas of business.

Policy provisions

1. Environmental policy and staff

I-Kone LTD personnel have been trained to be environmentally conscious and they also know that the end use of our products also improves the environmental friendliness of our customers.

2. Environmentally friendly energy

I-Kone LTD production operates entirely on renewable energy. 90% of the heating in our premises is heated by natural gas and 10% by renewable energy.

I-Kone LTD has a renewable energy certificate. All the electricity we use is produced by Nordic wind, hydro and solar power and has been certified in accordance with the European Guarantee of Origin system. The origin of the electrical energy produced by Nordic Green Energy is registered and verified in Fingrid LTD guarantee of origin system.

3. We will continue to improve environmental efficiency

I-Kone Oy is constantly looking for ways to improve its environmental efficiency also in the future.

4. We utilize production resources responsibly

We utilize production materials efficiently. We are a chemical free company. Waste and by-products generated in the production process are recycled or utilized for energy.

We collect, sort and recycle all metal and plastic chips generated in production processes by groups:

  • Stainless steel
  • Acid-proof steel
  • Aluminum
  • Other precious metals
  • Iron
  • Plastic
  • Bakelite

5. Our stakeholder communication is open

We openly address environmental issues in cooperation with our customers, authorities and the public. Part of this is open and direct environmental communication.