The machine can be used to service drill rods, ie to machine a new, geometrically very precise cone for attaching the drill bit.

The geometric accuracy of the mounting cone ensures that the drill rod is securely attached to the crown. Precise and straight attachment of the crown promotes the formation of a straight borehole, thus reducing the loss of drillbits and rods.

The device has three symmetrically cutting blades. The structure effectively eliminates vibration caused by cutting forces, so the surface quality of the cone is top notch.

On the other hand, the machine’s three cutting blades provide a very high chip flow. As a result, the device is very fast – the fastest on the market.

The machine is easy to move, so it can be taken to where it is needed most, ie to the drilling rigs in the quarry. This avoids transporting the rods elsewhere for service.

Based on practical experience, the structure works very reliably even in demanding quarry conditions.

The cutting blades of the machine are placed completely inside thebody of the machine, so it is very safe to use the machine. Note that the part of the workpiece coming out of the machine is also in place, so there is no risk of sticking!

The machine is really easy to use so there is no need for special user training.

The machine does not use cutting fluid, so the environmental impact of the machine is minimal. The chips are collected inside the machine in its own container.

With the help of the Taper Turning Machine, the productivity of the use and maintenance of drill rods is raised to a whole new level.

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