Taper turning machine

  • The 3w Taper Turning Machine is a revolutionary tool for maintenance of drilling rods used in quarries. With this machine it is possible to recondition the drilling rods by machining a new, geometrically very accurate taper for attachment of the drilling crown.
  • With this machine it’s possible to recondition the drilling rods ie. machine a new, geometrically very accurate, taper for the drilling crown attachment.
  • The geometric accuracy and hight surface quality of the taper obtained guarantees a perfect drilling crown attachment. Also it contributes to achieve absolutely straight holes, this reducing considerable the loss of crowns and rods. The Taper Turning Machine is equipped with three symmetrically positioned cutting edges. This arrangement efficiently eliminates radial cutting forces and vibration, producing a taper with a superb surface of great accuracy.
  • The three cutting edges yield very high material removal rate, which makes this machine fast - in fact fastest on the market. The machine can easily be transported to the spot where it is needed - right in the quarry where you need the rods.
  • On the other hand three cutting edges yields high material removal rate, which makes machine fast - Fastest in the market. Machine can easily be transported to where it is needed - To the drilling rods in the quarry.
  • Based on the experience the Taper Turning Machine has proved to perform very well in severe conditions in the quarry.
  • The cutting tools are completely built inside the machine, entirely protected, thus ensuring absolute safety. It should be noted that the part of the drilling rod which is outside the machine while the taper is being turned, is not rotating. Consequently there is no risk whatsoever to get injured.
  • The operation of the Taper Turning Machine is extremely simple and that is why no special training is needed for the operator.
  • No cutting fluids are used in the machine and so the environmental risks are minimal. The metal chips are collected inside the machine in their own container and can easily be further processed after machining.
  • By using the Taper Turning Machine the profitability of drilling rod maintenance rises to a completely new level.

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